Crosbie, Chesley Arthur | 1991

Chesley Arthur Crosbie

Chesley Arthur Crosbie was born in St. John’s in 1905. Chesley was educated at Bishop Field College, St. John's, and St. Andrew's College, Ontario.

Upon completing his schooling, Chester entered his father’s salt fish business and in the mid-1930’s, experimented with the use of beam trawlers to supply fish for his curing plant at Harbour Grace. Chester promoted the herring fishery as president of Herring Unlimited; the processing and reduction of herring and fish meal as president of Newfoundland Dehydrating Process Co. Ltd.; the processing of other fish products as president of Newfoundland Homogenized Fish Co. Ltd.; and the prosecution of whaling and sealing as president of Olson Whaling and Sealing Ltd. In 1933, the Crosbie-Olsen vessel Ungava recorded one of the largest single catches in the history of the seal hunt. Chester pioneered deep-sea trawling in Newfoundland with two vessels, the Imperialist and the Cape Agulhas, after investigating the industry in Hull, England, in the early 1900’s as president of the Newfoundland Trawling Co. Ltd. Chester was also president and founder of Eastern Provincial Airways, Chimo Shipping (1954) Ltd. and Holdings Corporation Ltd.

Chesley A. Crosbie died in 1962.

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