Butler, Joseph V. | 2006

Joseph V. Butler

Joseph V. Butler grew up in St. John’s. In 1950 he started his career at VOCM, a small radio station started by his father, Joseph L. Butler in 1936. However, after his father’s untimely death, Joe found himself managing the radio station at 22 years of age.

During his time as president, VOCM became a powerful radio station, becoming the most listened to network in Newfoundland. VOCM won over 65 news awards, and in 1992 Joe was inducted into the Canadian Association Broadcasters Hall of Fame. Joe also found the time to help charities by starting the VOCM Cares Foundation. Through the foundation he helped to fund numerous provincial charities. He also brought the Children’s Wish Foundation to Newfoundland and Labrador, supporting it through corporate sponsorship and is presently their honorary chairperson. Currently Joseph is involved in Metal World Inc. which has completed major fabrication projects for Voisey’s Bay Nickel and the offshore oil industry.

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