Fry, Darryl | 2012

Darryl Fry

The visionary behind the development and growth of Cytec Industries Inc., a global specialty chemicals and materials technology company, was Darryl Fry. He began his career with American Cyanamid Company and rose rapidly to senior positions and led the spin-off of Cyanamid’s chemical business to found Cytec in 1993 serving as Chairman and CEO from its formation until his retirement in 1998. Cytec was born as an independent company through Darryl Fry’s vision and dynamic leadership.

Cytec Industries focuses on developing, manufacturing and selling value-added products that serve a diverse range of global markets, including aerospace, plastics, industrial coatings, mining and water treatment. Darryl Fry believed in Cytec’s potential and the desire of Cytec people to create a specialty chemicals company. He always set and achieved extremely high objectives. His growth strategies were based on developing technologically advanced customer solutions for global markets and included innovative product development.

Darryl Fry was born in Newfoundland and received his Bachelor of Science degree from Memorial University. He later received a Chemical Engineering degree from Nova Scotia Tech. In 1997, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Laws degree from Memorial University.

Darryl Fry attributes much of his success in business to what he learned growing up in this province. He attributes his success to being an independent thinker; he wasn’t afraid to be different and did not always follow the herd.

Darryl is the co-founder of the Fry Family Foundation, an organization that contributes significantly to Newfoundland and Labrador. The Fry Family Foundation is contributing to building stronger communities and developing the future talent of our province by supporting heath, social causes, and the arts and by investing in the development of the future talent of Newfoundland and Labrador through numerous scholarships. Connectivity to the foundation and meeting with scholarship recipients remains strong for the Fry’s.

In his address to students at convocation at Memorial, Darryl said, “…it is what you do that counts”. It is indeed what Darryl Fry has done and continues to do that has resulted in his being bestowed this honour.

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