Moores, Alec D. | 2002

Alec. D. Moores

Born at Blackhead, Conception Bay in 1919, the son of Oscar and Elizabeth Moores, Alec D. Moores began a career in banking at age 17 with the Bank of Nova Scotia in Fogo. He later left the bank to pursue private business interests with Steers Limited in St. John's and Montreal, and returned to Newfoundland in 1947 to begin a career in the fishery, as VicePresident and General Manager of North Eastern Fish Industries Ltd. (NEFI).

Mr. Moores was instrumental in helping diversify the Newfoundland fishing industry, initiating the first exports of squid, turbot and capelin. When NEFI ceased operations in 1968, Mr. Moores launched his own companies - Ocean Harvesters Limited, Moorfish, Harbour International Ltd. and Alec D. Moores Limited.

Today, Moores-related companies do business with various foreign fishing fleets.

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