Winter kt, Sir Marmaduke | 1992

Sir Marmaduke George Winter kt

Sir Marmaduke George Winter was born in Lamaline in 1857 and later moved to St. John’s.

Sir Marmaduke established T & M in St. John’s in 1878. The company was involved in the export of salt fish and in the early sealing industry. Under Sir Marmaduke’s leadership, the company expanded in 1898 to create commercial and industrial enterprises including Standard Manufacturing Limited and Brehm Manufacturing Company.

In 1909, Sir Marmaduke became the first president of the Newfoundland Board of Trade. He served the province as a member of the Legislative Council in 1910 and served as Government House Leader in the Upper House of Newfoundland from 1910-1919. He was knighted by King George V in 1933.

Sir Marmaduke George Winter died in 1936.



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