Cohen, Boyd | 2005

Boyd Cohen

The founder of the Cohen’s furniture chain, Boyd Cohen was born in 1930 in Windsor, Newfoundland.

The Cohen family history in the province dates to the turn of the century when Boyd Cohen’s grandfather Simon emigrated from England to work with the Newfoundland Clothing Company in St. John's. In 1919, he established a general store at Grand Falls Station, which later became the Town of Windsor.

Simon’s sons and grandchildren later joined the family business, and established business enterprises of their own. His son Michael became General Manager of the family business. He was in turn, succeeded by his son Boyd.

In 1953, Boyd Cohen built his first furniture store in Windsor. It was followed by a larger store in 1956 and expansion into Gander, Springdale, Baie Verte and Clarenville. By 1985, when Boyd Cohen decided to sell the business to Charles R. Bell, Cohen’s owned 13 furniture stores provincewide and were preparing to open another three. Cohen remained involved as Managing Director until his retirement in 1994.

In addition to the furniture business, Boyd Cohen was a driving force behind other ventures in central Newfoundland including the launch of Central Cable Systems in Grand Falls and various Real Estate operations. He has served as president of service clubs in Grand Falls-Windsor including the Lion’s Club and Rotary Club, and was a founding member of the local Board of Trade that became the Grand Falls-Windsor Chamber of Commerce. He was also president of the Allied Buying Group, a consortium of Independent Furniture Dealers from across Canada.

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