Laureates Arranged in Alphabetical Order

  • A List of Laureates – by year

    A List of Laureates – by year

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  • Abbott, Michael F. | 2003

    Abbott, Michael F. | 2003

    Michael F. Abbott A master tinsmith and entrepreneur, Michael Abbott established his first business in western Newfoundland in 1886. Abbott…

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  • Anthony, Rex | 2009

    Anthony, Rex | 2009

    Rex C. Anthony Rex C. Anthony of St. John's has been a business leader and innovator for 40 years and his…

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  • Anthony, Robert Charles | 1997

    Anthony, Robert Charles | 1997

    Robert Charles Anthony Robert Charles Anthony was born on September 22, 1916, in Kelligrews, the son of Andrew and Frances Anthony. Robert…

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  • Antle, Paul | 2017

    Antle, Paul | 2017

    Paul Antle In the late 1980’s with a master’s degree in engineering and a one dollar bill, Paul Antle started…

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  • Ayre, Lewis Haldane Miller | 1997

    Ayre, Lewis Haldane Miller | 1997

    Lewis Haldane Ayre was born on April 22, 1914, in St. John's, the son of Harold C. and Agnes Ayre. Lewis received…

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  • Barry, Bill | 2012

    Barry, Bill | 2012

    Bill Barry Bill Barry is the Chairman and CEO of Barry Group Inc. based in Corner Brook. A significant player in…

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  • Bell, Charles Randolph | 2015

    Bell, Charles Randolph | 2015

    Charles Randolph Bell After studying at Memorial University, Charles Randolph Bell went to work in the family business, Charles R.…

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  • Bell, Charles Renfrew | 1999

    Bell, Charles Renfrew | 1999

    Charles Renfrew Bell Charles Renfrew Bell Charles Renfrew Bell was born in St. John's on December 1, 1901, the son of…

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  • Bennett, Cathy | 2022

    Bennett, Cathy | 2022

    Cathy Bennett Cathy, an accomplished entrepreneur, board director and consultant, serves or has served on the boards of publicly traded,…

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  • Bidgood, Roger | 2004

    Bidgood, Roger | 2004

    Roger Bidgood Roger Bidgood is the founder and president of Bidgood’s Wholesale Ltd. Bidgood’s was started in 1947 when Roger took…

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  • Bowater, Sir Eric | 1993

    Bowater, Sir Eric | 1993

    Sir Eric Vanisttart Bowater Sir Eric Vansittart Bowater was born in England in 1895. Following the death of his father in…

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  • Bruneau, Dr. Angus A. | 2011

    Bruneau, Dr. Angus A. | 2011

    Dr. Angus A. Bruneau Dr. Bruneau founded Fortis Inc. in 1987 and served as its President & CEO from 1987-1996 and Chairman…

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  • Budgell, Aubrey & Budgell, Reginald | 2022

    Budgell, Aubrey & Budgell, Reginald

    Aubrey Budgell and Reginald Budgell Collectively and individually, Aubrey and Reg have been involved in many business ventures. In 1989,…

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  • Bulgin, Cyril & Pamela | 2016

    Bulgin, Cyril & Pamela | 2016

    Cyril and Pamela Bulgin In 1974, as university students with a small child, Cyril and Pamela Bulgin opened their first…

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  • Butler, Joseph L. | 1990

    Butler, Joseph L. | 1990

    Joseph Lacey Butler Joseph Lacey Butler was born on November 12, 1901, in Port De Grave to James and Clara Butler.…

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  • Butler, Joseph V. | 2006

    Butler, Joseph V. | 2006

    Joseph V. Butler Joseph V. Butler grew up in St. John’s. In 1950 he started his career at VOCM, a small…

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  • Cahill, Fred | 2010

    Cahill, Fred | 2010

    Fred Cahill Fred Cahill is a graduate of the Engineering Faculty of Memorial University of Newfoundland and a tireless volunteer. In 1985,…

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  • Cantwell-Peters, Angela | 1999

    Cantwell-Peters, Angela | 1999

    Angela Cantwell-Peters Angela Cantwell Peters was born on March 10, 1930, in St. John's, the eldest of Peter and Madeline Withers’ nine…

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  • Carnell, Geoffrey Conrad | 1995

    Carnell, Geoffrey Conrad | 1995

    Geoffrey Conrad Carnell Geoffrey Conrad Carnell was born in St. John’s on January 19, 1915, the son of Andrew and Mabel Carnell. Geoffrey…

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  • Cobb, Zita | 2018

    Cobb, Zita | 2018

    Zita Cobb Following completion of high school on Fogo Island, Zita pursued a business degree at Carleton University. Progressing in…

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  • Cohen, Boyd | 2005

    Cohen, Boyd | 2005

    Boyd Cohen The founder of the Cohen’s furniture chain, Boyd Cohen was born in 1930 in Windsor, Newfoundland. The Cohen family history…

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  • Coleman, Arthur James | 1999

    Coleman, Arthur James | 1999

    Arthur James Coleman Arthur James Coleman was born in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia, on November 25, 1902, the only son of Arthur…

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  • Collingwood, Chris | 2014

    Collingwood, Chris | 2014

    Chris Collingwood Chris Collingwood is chairman and CEO of Baine Johnston Corporation and president of Cape Harrison Marine Group. Baine Johnston Corporation…

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  • Collingwood, Henry | 1993

    Collingwood, Henry | 1993

    Henry Collingwood Henry Collingwood was born in St. John’s on May 6, 1918, and has been a business leader for most of…

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  • Collins, Bernard J. (Tanny) | 2015

    Collins, Bernard J. (Tanny) | 2015

    J. Bernard (Tanny) Collins It takes a committed leader and entrepreneur to make a family business thrive into its fourth…

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  • Crosbie, Andrew | 2009

    Crosbie, Andrew | 2009

    Andrew Crosbie Andrew Crosbie built one of the largest business empires this province has ever seen. After taking over the presidency of…

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  • Crosbie, Chesley Arthur | 1991

    Crosbie, Chesley Arthur | 1991

    Chesley Arthur Crosbie Chesley Arthur Crosbie was born in St. John’s in 1905. Chesley was educated at Bishop Field College, St. John's,…

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  • Crosbie, Robert S. | 2016

    Crosbie, Robert S. | 2016

    Robert S. Crosbie Rob Crosbie is chairman and CEO of Crosbie Group Limited. He graduated from Memorial University in 1979…

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  • Crosbie, Sir John C.| 1990

    Crosbie, Sir John C.| 1990

    Sir John Chalker Crosbie John Chalker Crosbie was born at Brigus, Newfoundland, on September 11, 1876, the first born of George Graham…

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  • Dalton, Brian | 2023

    Dalton, Brian | 2023

    Brian Dalton Brian co-founded Altius 25 years ago as a less than $1 million dollar valued mineral exploration company and…

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  • Dawe, Chester | 1992

    Dawe, Chester | 1992

    Chester E. Dawe Chester E. Dawe was born in Bay Roberts in 1904, the son of Captain William and Eliza Dawe.…

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  • Dobbin Q. C., Craig L. | 2001

    Dobbin Q. C., Craig L. | 2001

    Craig L. Dobbin, O.C. Born in 1935, the third of 11 Children, Craig Dobbin’s unique entrepreneurial spirit and vision have led him…

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  • Dobbin, Basil  | 2005

    Dobbin, Basil  | 2005

    Basil Dobbin Born in St. John's, Newfoundland on April 2, 1939, Basil Dobbin has played a pivotal role in construction and real…

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  • Dobbin, Mark | 2018

    Dobbin, Mark | 2018

    Mark Dobbin Mark graduated from Memorial University with a Bachelor of Commerce in 1981. In 1983, he obtained an MBA…

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  • Doyle, Gerald S. | 1990

    Doyle, Gerald S. | 1990

    Gerald Stanley Doyle Gerald Stanley Doyle was born on September 26, 1892, in King’s Cove, Bonavista Bay, to Captain Thomas and Margaret…

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  • Edison, Fraser | 2014

    Edison, Fraser | 2014

    Fraser Edison Fraser Edison began his entrepreneurial endeavours in 1982 when he and his partners acquired Concrete Products. That move led to over…

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  • Fry, Darryl | 2012

    Fry, Darryl | 2012

    Darryl Fry The visionary behind the development and growth of Cytec Industries Inc., a global specialty chemicals and materials technology company, was…

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  • Gardiner, Dr. Janet | 2016

    Gardiner, Dr. Janet | 2016

    Dr. Janet Gardiner Dr. Janet Gardiner was a prominent business and community leader. During her career, Janet worked in the family…

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  • Genge, Barb | 2019

    Genge, Barb | 2019

    Barb Genge Tuckamore Lodge in Main Brook has been recognized as a world class destination for hunting, fishing and adventure…

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  • Goodyear, Ronald C. | 1996

    Goodyear, Ronald C. | 1996

    Roland Clement Goodyear Roland Clement Goodyear was born on December 15, 1882, at Ladle Cove, Newfoundland, the son of Josiah Goodyear and Louisa…

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  • Great Big Sea | 2010

    Great Big Sea | 2010

    Great Big Sea Great Big Sea is Newfoundland and Labrador’s most successful cultural export and a generous contributor to our community. Great…

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  • Harmsworth, Alfred & Harold | 2004

    Harmsworth, Alfred & Harold | 2004

    Aflred & Harold Harmsworth Alfred Harmsworth was born in Ireland in 1865, the son of an English barrister. Educated in London,…

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  • Harnett, Hubert | 2008

    Harnett, Hubert | 2008

    Hubert Harnett Hubert Harnett was born in 1932 in the small community of High Beach on the Burin Peninsula. His keen interest…

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  • Harvey, Alexander J. | 2008

    Harvey, Alexander J. | 2008

    Alexander John Harvey Alexander John Harvey was born in Bermuda in June 1849. After completing his formal education in the United States,…

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  • Herder, William James | 2003

    Herder, William James | 2003

    William James Herder As the founder of Newfoundland’s first daily newspaper, William James Herder became a household name and established a tradition…

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  • Hickman, Albert E. | 1991

    Hickman, Albert E. | 1991

    Albert Edgar Hickman Albert Edgar Hickman was born in Grand Bank in 1874. He completed his education in Mount Allison, New Brunswick.…

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  • Hickman, Albert E. P. | 2006

    Hickman, Albert E. P. | 2006

    Albert E.P.Hickman Albert E. P. Hickman is the chairman of Hickman Group of Companies which includes Hickman Motors, Hickman Leasing, Hickman Saturn SAAB,…

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  • Hickman, Christopher | 2019

    Hickman, Christopher | 2019

    Christopher Hickman The Marco Group is one of the largest locally based general contractor in Eastern Canada. They operate as…

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  • Hillier, Lloyd | 2013

    Hillier, Lloyd | 2013

    Lloyd Hillier Lloyd Hillier’s tenacity has resulted in great entrepreneurial success in the most remote parts of Newfoundland and Labrador. Lloyd moved…

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  • Hopkins, Raymond | 2005

    Hopkins, Raymond | 2005

    Raymond F. Hopkins A former banker and teacher, Raymond F. Hopkins was instrumental in the growth of the Credit Union movement in…

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  • Hutton, Noel | 2013

    Hutton, Noel | 2013

    Noel Hutton Following graduation from St. Bon’s, Noel worked as a salesman. He started his first business venture in 1952 which…

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  • Hynes, Captain Sid | 2011

    Hynes, Captain Sid | 2011

    Captain Sid Hynes Sid Hynes went to sea as an assistant steward with Marine Atlantic when he first graduated from high school.…

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  • Johnson, Paul  | 2008

    Johnson, Paul  | 2008

    Paul Johnson Born in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Mr. Paul Johnson was educated at Mount Allison Academy and Mount Allison University in New Brunswick.…

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  • Kenny, Karl | 2012

    Kenny, Karl | 2012

    Karl Kenny A true entrepreneur with business acumen are words that describe Karl Kenny, President & CEO of Marport Deep Sea Technologies…

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  • King, Jamie; Brothers, Brendan and Pretty, Raymond | 2022

    King, Jamie; Brothers, Brendan and Prett

    Jamie King, Brendan Brothers and Raymond Pretty Jamie, Brendan and Raymond founded Verafin in 2003. They set out to examine…

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  • Lake, H.B. Clyde | 2000

    Lake, H.B. Clyde | 2000

    H. B. Clyde Lake H.B. Clyde Lake is remembered for his vision and commitment to the fishing industry in Newfoundland. His legacy…

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  • Lundrigan, Arthur & Harold | 2000

    Lundrigan, Arthur & Harold | 2000

    Arthur & Harold Lundrigan Arthur and Harold Lundrigan are well respected for building much of the infrastructure that exists in…

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  • Lundrigan, William J. | 1991

    Lundrigan, William J. | 1991

    William James Lundrigan William J. Lundrigan was born in Blaketown, Trinity Bay, in 1901. William left school at the age…

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  • Mahoney, W.D. (Bill) | 2014

    Mahoney, W.D. (Bill) | 2014

    W.D.(Bill) Mahoney Bill Mahoney is the owner of a group of companies in Newfoundland and Labrador related to the real…

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  • Manstan, Gordon | 2010

    Manstan, Gordon | 2010

    Gordon Manstan Gordon Manstan is a hardworking man who pursued the entrepreneurial spirit and is the model of generosity. Gordon went to…

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  • Marshall, H. Stanley | 2015

    Marshall, H. Stanley | 2015

    H. Stanley Marshall Stan Marshall, a professional engineer and lawyer, joined Newfoundland Power in 1979 and in 1987, was instrumental…

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  • Moores, Alec D. | 2002

    Moores, Alec D. | 2002

    Alec. D. Moores Born at Blackhead, Conception Bay in 1919, the son of Oscar and Elizabeth Moores, Alec D. Moores began a…

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  • Moores, Silas Wilmont | 1992

    Moores, Silas Wilmont | 1992

    Silas Wilmot Moores Silas Wilmot Moores was born in Freshwater, Carbonear, on December 8, 1890. At the age of 14,…

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  • Murphy, John Joseph  | 1996

    Murphy, John Joseph  | 1996

    John Joseph Murphy The Honourable John Joseph Murphy was born in St. John's on May 13, 1849, the son of…

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  • O’Callaghan, Patrick | 2013

    O’Callaghan, Patrick | 2013

    Patrick O’Callaghan Building business and community are actions synonymous with Pat O’Callaghan. In possession of a diploma in Hotel Management,…

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  • O’Leary, Frank M. | 2009

    O’Leary, Frank M. | 2009

    Frank M. O’Leary F.M. O’Leary O.B.E., K.S.G. was a passionate, patriotic social entrepreneur whose success in business was matched by…

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  • Paddick, Brendan | 2018

    Paddick, Brendan | 2018

    Brendan Paddick Born and raised in Grand Falls, Brendan holds a Bachelor of Commerce and a Master of Business Administration…

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  • Parsons, Gloria | 2017

    Parsons, Gloria | 2017

    Gloria Parsons In 1972 at the age of 26 and with a grade 11 education, Gloria entered the construction industry…

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  • Patten, Charles & Susan | 2007

    Patten, Charles & Susan | 2007

    Charles & Susan Patten Charles Patten served with the Royal Navy during World War II. While living in St. John’s…

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  • Patten, John | 2017

    Patten, John | 2017

    John Patten In 1978, John graduated from university with a Degree in Economics and began work in the family business,…

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  • Penney, Ches | 2002

    Penney, Ches | 2002

    Ches Penney Born in Carbonear in 1932, the eldest of twelve children, the President and CEO of Penney Group learned…

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  • Penny, Marie | 2007

    Penny, Marie | 2007

    Marie Penny Marie Penny of Ramea was president of John Penny and Sons, Ltd. After the death of her husband…

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  • Pettite, Ada & Henry Edwin | 2001

    Pettite, Ada & Henry Edwin | 2001

    Henry & Ada “Annie” Petite Henry Edwin Petite was born on May 9, 1875 at Mose Ambrose. He operated a…

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