Laureates Arranged in Alphabetical Order

  • Pippy, Chesley Alwyn | 1995

    Pippy, Chesley Alwyn | 1995

    Chesley A. Pippy Chesley Alwyn Pippy was born in St. John’s on November 9, 1894, the son of William and…

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  • Powell, John P. | 1994

    Powell, John P. | 1994

    John Penney Powell John Penney Powell was born in Carbonear on March 8, 1866, the son of Joseph and Grace…

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  • Pratt, Calvert Coates | 1996

    Pratt, Calvert Coates | 1996

    Calvert Coates Pratt Calvert Coates Pratt was born on October 6, 1888 in Blackhead, Newfoundland, the son of the Reverend John and…

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  • Reid, Sir Robert Gillespie | 2002

    Reid, Sir Robert Gillespie | 2002

    Sir Robert Gillespie Reid Perhaps best known for his role in the Newfoundland Railway, Sir Robert Gillespie Reid was involved…

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  • Roberts, Dr. Harry D. | 1994

    Roberts, Dr. Harry D. | 1994

    Dr. Harry Duncan Roberts Dr. Harry Duncan Roberts was born November 21, 1908, in St. John's, the son of Job…

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  • Roberts, Greg | 2019

    Roberts, Greg | 2019

    Greg Roberts Born and raised on Triton Island, Greg, with a credit card and a loan, bought his first business.…

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  • Russell, Hazen Algar | 1995

    Russell, Hazen Algar | 1995

    Hazen Algar Russell Hazen Algar Russell was born in Seal Cove, Grand Manan, New Brunswick, on March 8, 1892, the son…

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  • Sexton, Kevin & Susan | 2011

    Sexton, Kevin & Susan | 2011

    Susan and Kevin Sexton Susan and Kevin Sexton operate Sexton Lumber Company Limited in Bloomfield. The origin of Sexton Lumber…

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  • Sheppard, Cluny | 2006

    Sheppard, Cluny | 2006

    Cluny Sheppard Cluny Sheppard was born in 1946 in Stag Harbour, Fogo Island. He showed his entrepreneurial spirit as a young…

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  • Steele, Harry R. | 2000

    Steele, Harry R. | 2000

    Harry R. Steele Following a 24 year career in the Royal Canadian Navy, Harry Steele made his entrance into the…

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  • Stirling, Geoffrey William | 1993

    Stirling, Geoffrey William | 1993

    Geoffrey William Stirling Geoffrey William Stirling was born in St. John’s in 1922. A noted track and field athlete,  Stirling went…

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  • Swyers, Joseph Thomas | 2004

    Swyers, Joseph Thomas | 2004

    Joseph Thomas Swyers Born the son of a fisherman, Joseph Thomas Swyers was determined to become an entrepreneur. At the…

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  • Trask, J. Wayne | 2014

    Trask, J. Wayne | 2014

    J. Wayne Trask Wayne Trask had a successful corporate career, primarily as the Chief Financial Officer of Lundrigan’s-Comstock Group of Companies…

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  • Udell, Dorothy & Mary | 1997

    Udell, Dorothy & Mary | 1997

    Dorothy and Mary Udell Mary and Dorothy Udell, the daughters of John and Mable Udell, entered business in 1931 in…

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  • Warr, George & Mary | 2008

    Warr, George & Mary | 2008

    George & Mary Warr Mr. and Mrs. George and Mary Warr were both born in Twillingate. The couple met and…

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  • Whelan, Anne | 2023

    Whelan, Anne | 2023

    Anne Whelan Anne is an entrepreneur, corporate director, and health care leader as well as principal shareholder and Chief Executive…

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  • White, Jerry | 2009

    White, Jerry | 2009

    Jerry White Jerry White is one of Gander’s most successful entrepreneurs and businessmen. He started his career – and first business –…

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  • White, Patrick and Florence| 2023

    White, Patrick and Florence| 2023

    Patrick and Florence White Patrick and Florence founded Exploits Valley Air Services Ltd. in 1992. The company started with a…

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  • Williams, Daniel E. | 2003

    Williams, Daniel E. | 2003

    Daniel E. Williams Born in St. John’s, Daniel E. (Danny) Williams was the eldest of four children of Thomas and…

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  • Winter kt, Sir Marmaduke | 1992

    Winter kt, Sir Marmaduke | 1992

    Sir Marmaduke George Winter kt Sir Marmaduke George Winter was born in Lamaline in 1857 and later moved to St.…

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  • Woodward, Melvin | 2001

    Woodward, Melvin | 2001

    Mel Woodward Born in Boat Harbour on Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, Mel Woodward worked as a teacher, customs clerk, and clerk for…

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  • Young, Victor | 2007

    Young, Victor | 2007

    Victor L. Young Vic Young was born in St. John’s. He has a Bachelor of Commerce from Memorial University of Newfoundland and…

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