Pratt, Calvert Coates | 1996

Calvert Coates Pratt

Calvert Coates Pratt was born on October 6, 1888 in Blackhead, Newfoundland, the son of the Reverend John and Fannie (Knight) Pratt. Calvert received his education at the Methodist Academy in Grand Bank.

In 1916, Calvert became director and secretarytreasurer of the newly formed A.E. Hickman Company where he became involved in shipbuilding and fishing business. In 1926, Calvert bought the assets of Steers Brothers, a firm involved in the island’s general trade for 50 years. He incorporated the Company under the name "Steers Limited" and assumed the position of president.à

During the 1930's, Calvert expanded Steer's Limited primarily into a wholesale firm selling hardware, groceries and dry goods and established an agency department selling flour of the International Milling Co. of .S.A., products of General Foods Inc of New York and goods of other agencies. Calvert also sold codfish on the international market, formed an insurance department and during the war organized a division called "Foreign Department" which specialized in sales to the U.S. Armed Forces and a “Marine Department” to build wood mine sweepers for the British Admiralty. After the war, Steers Limited separated its insurance and agency business into separate companies. In 1948, Steers Insurance Agencies was formed to take over the insurance line of business while Pratt Representatives (Nfld) and J.C. Hudson Limited were formed to operate the agency lines.

Calvert was made an officer of the British Empire in 1946 for his war efforts. In 1955, Calvert donated a gift of land and made a substantial financial contribution to the establishment of a home for the aged, the Agnes Pratt Home, named in memory of his wife.

Calvert Coates Pratt died in October 1963 at the age of 75 years.

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