Lundrigan, Arthur & Harold | 2000

Arthur & Harold Lundrigan

Arthur and Harold Lundrigan are well respected for building much of the infrastructure that exists in Newfoundland & Labrador today.

From the small sawmill and lumber company started in the 1930’s to the establishment of W.J. Lundrigan Ltd., the Lundrigans started a number of companies, which opened the doors and created many opportunities to Newfoundlanders. These included work in manufacturing and distributing building materials and products, developing residential, commercial and industrial real estate, building local roads and highways and helping build hospitals, schools and training facilities throughout Newfoundland.

The Company invested in other business opportunities related to their core competencies. Arthur and Harold Lundrigan were also involved in the construction for start-up for the Bay d’Espoir Hydro Development, the Upper Churchill Hydro Power project, and Come-by-Chance oil refinery.

Both Harold and Arthur Lundrigans’ achievements have been recognized on a Provincial and National basis. Harold Lundrigan served as the first Chairman of the Economic Council of Newfoundland and Labrador, Chairman of the Royal Commission on Employment and Unemployment and served as a member of the Atlantic Provinces Economic Council. Arthur Lundrigan served as a member of the Royal Commission on the Economic State and Prospects of Newfoundland and Labrador, appointed by Prime Minister Trudeau to the Export Trade Development Board, and appointed by Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to the International Advisory Committee.

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