Swyers, Joseph Thomas | 2004

Joseph Thomas Swyers

Born the son of a fisherman, Joseph Thomas Swyers was determined to become an entrepreneur. At the age of sixteen young Joseph had saved $20.00 and wanted to enter the world of business. He approached well-known Bonavista businessman James  Ryan and asked Ryan to sell him $20.00 worth of provisions and extend him another  $20.00 in credit. Seeing the eagerness of the boy, Ryan gave him a credit of $120.00 and in 1892 the firm J.T. Swyers began.

By the turn of the century, Joseph had erected a building at the site occupied today by J.T. Swyers Company Ltd. In 1919, a new and larger store was opened at the same location, and in 1920 the company was incorporated.

Over 112 years later, J.T. Swyers Company Ltd. continues to thrive as a member of Castle Building Centres, True Value Hardware and Atlantic Save Easy, and operates a general wholesale and retail operation from the site of Swyers’ original store.

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