Woodward, Melvin | 2001

Mel Woodward

Born in Boat Harbour on Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, Mel Woodward worked as a teacher, customs clerk, and clerk for a power utility before being recruited to Goose Bay as a Stores Clerk for the U.S. Air Force in 1957.

Mr. Woodward’s entrepreneurial spirit was sparked by the home heating industry. While living in Goose Bay, he, like many other would travel to the U.S. military base with their oil drums to acquire home heating fuel. Unlike others, Mr. Woodward saw and seized a unique opportunity. He and wife Sibyll used their savings to buy a fuel delivery truck, and started transporting fuel to customers throughout the local area.

Mr. Woodward has since established the Woodward Group of Companies as a multi-million dollar corporation employing more that 500 Newfoundlanders and Labradorians in the oil and gas, automotive and marine transportation industries.

He is currently Chairman of the St. John’s Port Authority and a former provincial cabinet minister and member of MUN’s Board of Regents.


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