Penny, Marie | 2007

Marie Penny

Marie Penny of Ramea was president of John Penny and Sons, Ltd. After the death of her husband in 1949, Marie took control of the business including operations of the fish plant and a fleet of 10 vessels that roamed the Grand Banks. She was known as “Queen of the Fishing Fleet” for her ability to manage such a fast growing business.

In 1967 Ms. Penny was the first woman to become president of the Fisheries Council of Canada. She dealt in worldwide markets and was selected to dine with Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip at Government House in Ottawa when they visited in 1957. She was also named an honorary princess of the Capilano Indian Band.

Over 95 percent of the employable people of Ramea worked for the Penny Company. She was a vibrant and energetic woman who knew the business well. She was highly respected within the community and well-


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