Great Big Sea | 2010

Great Big Sea

Great Big Sea is Newfoundland and Labrador’s most successful cultural export and a generous contributor to our community.

Great Big Sea was formed in 1993 when the band started out in St. John’s Irish bars. They quickly became a national sensation with the release of their major-label debut, Up. Selling over a half-million copies, it is the most successful Newfoundland album of all time. Since then, Great Big Sea has gone on to make eight more albums and two DVDs, all attaining gold and platinum status. The band has appeared on countless TV shows, been nominated for numerous awards, and had their music featured in several Hollywood movie productions.

Today, Great Big Sea’s Alan Doyle, Bob Hallett, and Sean McCann operate a busy recording studio in St. John’s. A rotating cast of engineers, technicians, drivers, managers, agents, and luthiers are employed to keep Great Big Sea rolling. As a business, they are undeniably one of the most successful bands – and brands – our province has ever produced.

Great Big Sea is a significant philanthropic force supporting Daffodil Place, Janeway, Iris Kirby House, Big Brothers/Big Sisters, and Gainey Foundation.

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