Udell, Dorothy & Mary | 1997

Dorothy and Mary Udell

Mary and Dorothy Udell, the daughters of John and Mable Udell, entered business in 1931 in Carbonear, Newfoundland. They received their education at Carbonear College, graduating from Grade 11. Upon graduation, they worked for their Aunt Nellie who operated a millinery business in Carbonear.

The Udell sisters are members of a well-known Carbonear business family. In 1870, their grandfather, Joseph Udell, first established a general dry goods store known as J. Udell and Sons Limited. In 1941, ownership of the family business was passed to Mary and Dorothy. The sisters transformed the business into a clothing store for women and children and incorporated it as D & M Udell Limited.

Dorothy and Mary's main objective in business was to ensure that their customers’ wants and needs were recognized and satisfied. They consistently achieved that objective by ensuring that the merchandise they sold suited the tastes and affordability of their customers. The sisters were actively involved in store operations for over 60 years, retiring in 1992.

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