King, Jamie; Brothers, Brendan and Pretty, Raymond | 2022

Jamie King, Brendan Brothers and Raymond Pretty

Jamie, Brendan and Raymond founded Verafin in 2003. They
set out to examine the ever-growing problem of fraud and money
laundering, and the solutions required by banks and credit unions for
daily operations. Today, Verafin is an industry pioneer in anti-financial
crime management solutions.

In 2021, Verafin joined Nasdaq to create a global leader in the fight
against crime. As a Nasdaq company, Verafin extends its capabilities
to service a global ecosystem of Tier-1 and Tier-2 banks, as well as
regulatory authorities and consortium initiatives.

Verafin, an economic and technology leader, was built on a
foundation of caring, teamwork and innovation. Its focus on positive
company culture and giving back to community is exemplary.

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