Budgell, Aubrey & Budgell, Reginald | 2022

Aubrey Budgell and Reginald Budgell

Collectively and individually, Aubrey and Reg have been involved
in many business ventures. In 1989, they started Budgell’s Equipment &
Rentals Ltd., a small construction company that grew to become a multimillion dollar business.

Reg began his entrepreneurial pursuits in Triton in 1970’s with a
restaurant turned sports shop, eventually expanding into marine products
and various recreational dealerships. In the 1980’s the business began
operating as Budgell’s Sport & Marine.

Aubrey’s ventures have included a prospecting and mining
company, B & A Minerals, Triple A Gift Shop, Triton Home Hardware,
Budgell Real Estate and Mid-Island Marine & Fabrication Ltd.

In addition to being drivers of the economy, the Budgell’s have
a mindset of giving and supporting communities on the island and

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