Hillier, Lloyd | 2013

Lloyd Hillier

Lloyd Hillier’s tenacity has resulted in great entrepreneurial success in the most remote parts of Newfoundland and Labrador.

Lloyd moved to Labrador from Quirpon on the Northern Peninsula at the age of 6. He left his first job, earning $2.25 per hour, to become an electrical apprentice at $1.35 per hour. Even at a young age, he set his sights on what he wanted. In 1982, his entrepreneurial pursuits began when he started his construction company, Hillier’s Trades Ltd. This was followed by his first lumber and hardware store, Mother Wood. Later that year, he bought four government stores located in Postville, Makkovik, Nain and Hopedale. He then purchased his own ships so he could control his shipping costs and get supplies from Quebec to Labrador earlier than his competitors, thus having a significant competitive advantage.

A few years later, he opened Mother Wood in Cartwright and expanded the following year to Labrador City. Sensing the mineral prospecting opportunities that would be created as a result of Voisey’s Bay nickel discovery, he established First Labrador Resources which he later made public as Silver Spruce Resources Inc. Today, Lloyd serves as chairperson of the board of directors of this company.

Seeing new opportunity when the Trans-Labrador Highway was opened, Lloyd sold his ships and entered into the trucking business. He later ventured into the hospitality sector and now owns and operates three hotels, Hotel North 1 and Hotel North 2 in Happy Valley-Goose Bay and Hotel North 3 in St. Anthony. His current pursuits include a new hardware building supply store in Happy ValleyGoose Bay. Today, Lloyd’s companies employ more than 140 employees.

Lloyd’s accolades include being recognized as Entrepreneur of the Year by Memorial University and receiving the Hospitality Newfoundland and Labrador Accommodation of the Year award. He is very involved in community, fundraising and supporting many local organizations and sporting teams.

Lloyd’s achievements are an inspiration for the future leaders of this province.

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