Hickman, Albert E. | 1991

Albert Edgar Hickman

Albert Edgar Hickman was born in Grand Bank in 1874. He completed his education in Mount Allison, New Brunswick.

Upon graduating, Albert worked with a fish exporting company based in Halifax. In 1905, he became a partner and started a branch of this fish exporting business in St. John’s. In 1914, he became sole owner of A. E. Hickman Company Limited. In the 1920’s, the company expanded its business into marine products, becoming a major supplier for marine supplies and marine engines.

Albert again expanded his business horizons in 1919, opening the Dominion Atlantic Insurance Co. Ltd. In 1923, he obtained the agency for Ford Motor, Hudson and Essex cars, becoming the largest car distributor in Newfoundland. During this period, Albert also became a steamship agent for Munson Steamship Co, started a cement and lumber company and in 1934, opened a brewery.

Albert was very much a partner in business with other Newfoundland business leaders, most especially C. C. Pratt and W. R. Goobie. The three acquired and operated Steers Ltd. and the Woods Candy Factory, now known as Purity Factory.

Albert Edgar Hickman died in 1943.

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